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We play hundreds of songs ranging from today's hits, all the way back to the 30's and 40's.  Our years of experience have shown us how to 'read' the audience and adjust to their preferences.  We will tailor our show to fit your event.  

Live music is a centerpiece ... don't hire the wrong band.... hire 'the Past Tells'.

Here we are setting up and doing our pre show check at Perimeter Hilton, in Atlanta, for a corporate event.  We bring our own lights to add ambiance.

We accept payment by Credit Card !! - Party now - pay later !!

Pam and Jerry - Duo

​The Past Tells - 4 or 5 piece band

for bookings, please contact Pam (

* We are available for private engagements... Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, Festivals, Outdoor shows, Concerts, Dances.... etc.....   Call Pam at 770.377.2630